Hi, I'm Henry.

Student - Software Engineer - Entrepreneur - Chipotle Addict

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About Me

I am a student in the CSB program (Canfield Computer Science and Business Honors) at The University of Texas at Austin.

I am interested in software development👨‍💻, entrepreneurship💼, and blockchain/crypto⛓.

I worked this summer as a SWE intern at Coinbase 👔 and I am currently the CTO of Scraps🎶.

In my free time I enjoy weightlifting🏋️‍♀️, cooking👨‍🍳, and hiking🌲.

Work Experience

Chief Technology Officer at Scraps
December 2022 - Present
  • Spearheaded the development of a marketplace for music project files and publishing rights, enabling artists to monetize their discarded music
  • Leading a team consisting of one full-time developer and three interns in creating a dynamic and intuitive user experience for buyers and sellers alike that includes a catalog, seller profiles, seller dashboard, and integrated payment system
Software Engineer Intern at Coinbase
June - August 2022
Golang, React.JS, GraphQL, ReTool, Bazel
  • Developed a full stack internal application to allow non-engineers to view staking program metadata and user eligibility in a user- friendly UI
  • Reduced staking eligibility customer support case times by 26%
Front End Engineer at Project NEWM
October - December 2022
React.JS, Typescript, Redux, Material UI, Jest, React Testing Library, HTML, CSS
  • Spearheaded the development of the NEWM Artist Portal, a web app that enables artists to mint their music as fractionalized NFTs and manage their content
  • Mentored two development interns as the internship program manager (alongside my development tasks)
  • Joined as an intern. Promoted to junior dev. Promoted again to front-end engineer
Software Engineer Intern at Clear Measure (ShoWorks Cloud Team)
June - August, 2021
C#, Blazor, .NET Core, ASP.NET, NUnit, Selenium
  • Assisted in both front and back-end development of an online auction platform using C#, Blazor, and .NET Core
  • Followed TDD (test-driven development) methodologies and wrote unit and functional tests using Selenium and NUnit
Technical Product Management Intern at Original Nations
February - May, 2021
  • Served as a conduit between senior executives, internal creative and design resources, and an outside web development agency.
  • Organized and managed the development pipeline using Asana and wrote acceptance criteria for new features to be sent to the development team
  • Audited new features through QA testing
  • Built a consumer electronics business with customers nationwide and scaled it to over $400 in revenue per day
  • Outsourced tasks like photo/video advertisement and content creation, corresponded with manufacturers, ran social media and email marketing campaigns, tracked finances, managed customer service, fulfilled orders, and optimized SEO.
  • Sold the business to Bloom Concepts in September 2020.
Software Engineer Intern at Squarepoint Capital
September, 2020 - May, 2021
Python, Pandas, Plotly, NumPy, Dash
  • Created an interactive data visualization app for energy power trading to identify trends in wind, solar, geothermal, and hydroelectric energy data.
  • Collected, destructured, analyzed, and joined large amounts of data using Python.
Web Development Co-op at Flatiron
September - May, 2019
Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • Collaborated with Flatiron Bootcamp students to build web-based project using Javascript, HTML, and CSS
Architectural Intern at Jackson and Ryan Architects
July, 2018 - May, 2019
AutoCAD, Revit Autodesk, SketchUp
  • Designed models and floor plans using AutoCAD, Revit Autodesk, and SketchUp.
  • Contributed to a house design that won the “complete the community: a housing and urban design competition”.
  • • Developed a working site map for Houston Baptist University
  • Designed and rendered an altar table for St. Martin's Episcopal Church.
  • Constructed building models for client presentations


Canfield Computer Science and Business Honors Program (CSB)

Bachelor of Business Administration, Canfield Business Honors Program
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science Honors

SAT: 1560
GPA: 4.0
Awards: National Merit Scholar - National Honor Society - Autrey Scholar’s Award - National Society of High School Scholars - Eagle Scout

Professional Skills

Go Java C# Typescript Python JavaScript CSS HTML
.NET Core GraphQL ReTool React.JS Redux Material UI Blazor Selenium Pandas NumPy Plotly Dash
AutoCAD Revit Autodesk SketchUp Facebook Ads Shopify
Future Focused Solution-Oriented Fast Learner Self-disciplined (via YouScience Assessment)

My Portfolio

Data Structures & Algorithms / Python / Pygame

Pathfinding Algorithm Visualizer

This project does exactly what it sounds like it does - visualizes algorithms. It utilizes an unweighted and undirected grid as the graph that the algorithm traverses. Click anywhere to place the start node, and click a second time to place the end node. After the start and end nodes have been placed, clicking will create a "wall" node (a node that is not traversable by the algorithms). Chose from the dropdown to select an algorithm, press start, and watch the magic happen.

Blockchain / Solidity / React.JS

Cryptocurrency Exchange

A cryptocurrency exchange to buy and sell $ETH (Ether) and $CRCO (Chrono Coin). Connects to the Metamask wallet. Built with React.JS, Solidity, Truffle, and Web3.JS.

Data Science / Python / Pandas / Dash

Data Visualization App

Interactive data visualization app for energy/power trading. Displays wind, solar, and other energy data. Created to show the growth trends categorized by prime movers.

JavaScript / HTML

PONG (with a twist)

A web-based two-player PONG game with multiple levels. As the game progresses, obstacles appear on the PONG board. As your score increases, the ball's speed progressively gets faster and the obstacles get more and more challenging to beat. Includes a sign in/logout feature utilizing local storage.


Blockchain / JavaScript / CSS / HTML

Generative art NFT collection

Currently creating a generative art NFT collection to be hosted on the Cardano blockchain network. This is one of the pieces that will be part of the collection. It uses vanilla javascript, HTML, and CSS to pack thirty five thousand circles into the frame. Every time you reload the page a completely unique piece is generated.

Electrical Engineering / C++ / Fritzing / Arduino

Arduino Projects

I've built various Arduino/Microcontroller devices. This one is a handheld Arduino asteroids game built with C++, a MAX72XX LED-Matrix display, two micro switches as buttons and an active buzzer for sound effects.


Java / Genetic Algorithms

Tetris AI

A tetris desktop application built using Java. After creating the game itself, I made a genetic algorithm that plays the game without any human input. This genetic algorithm simulates natural selection to find the most optimal placements of the tetris pieces.

See my other projects on Github


Jeffrey Palermo

Chief Architect / Clear Measure


Henry was certainly granted the god-given gift of coding. Throughout every assignment, Henry was FAST. Software development does take time, but his speed and accuracy was impressive. I’m a leader in the software industry myself, speaking at national conferences, an author of 4 software books, and a recipient of numerous industry awards, and I recognize Henry’s potential to become one of the top tier of software engineers in the industry.

Jason Cromer

Vice President / Original Nations


Henry was proactive, reliable, diligent in his follow up, and required little supervision. Whenever I tasked him with a project, I knew his work would be completed accurately and on time. From my first interview with him through his final day, I was impressed with his professionalism and attention to detail. In addition, his friendly and courteous demeanor made him a favorite on our team from the beginning.

Andrew Lee

Senior Quantitative Researcher / Squarepoint Capital


John Clements

Principal / Jackson Ryan Architects



Thanks for taking the time to learn about me 😊.

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